Farewell 2012

I’m feeling slightly sad that we will no longer be living in the year 2012 tomorrow. I’m not quite ready to let go of something that was so very extraordinary. Many of us were enthusiastic and excited about the London Games, but none of us could have predicted it would be quite the triumph that it turned out to be. The main attraction may have been sport, but so much more was on show.

The Olympics changed Britain. Danny Boyle’s spectacular opening ceremony silenced the doubters swiftly and the country was captivated. Suddenly, it was okay to be patriotic and feel proud to be British. Perhaps the biggest shock for me was commuters being friendly to each other on the Tube. That wasn’t the London I knew and loved and to be honest, I was suspicious at first. But the military security and Games Makers who greeted me with a smile when I entered Olympic Park at 6am everyday soon softened this hard Londoner.

Then came the Paralympics. They did more than change Britain – they changed the way we think, the way we saw people. We witnessed just what can be achieved with the right support.

It was a privilege to be part of London 2012. When the time came, Britain stepped up and really showed the world how it should be done. As a new year begins, I’m hoping we don’t leave behind the spirit that made this year so wonderful.

‘’Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’’  Dr Seuss, children’s author